Playing with Light

The business area of La Defense is always an interesting playground : very strong lines and curves in every directions, reflections of lights… Today with a nice clear sky we get interesting plays of light and shadows with reflections from the nearby windows.


In this post, all photos are made with an 85mm lens. It’s a good exercise because in this environment of high rise buildings, one would generally use wide-angle or standard length, 85mm is a little long and forces to change perspective and focus on different things.

Micro Landscapes

Close up photos of these very small forest scenes look like mountains, fields with trees… Nice and cold winter weather, I was looking for interesting views in the forest, but nothing seemed to really work… then I started looking closer, and realized a lot of interesting and unusual perspectives and motives, and vibrant colors  presented themselves…

Light & Lines

Another series where we play with light & lines: “Practice makes perfect” The great thing about going there to work every day is that you get the opportunity to work on a topic over and over again, an opportunity to improve based on  Converging lines Into the light Suspended looks like the buildings are suspended…