Shanghai 上海

Shang Hai literally means “above the sea” and gave the name of this city.

Shanghai is now the biggest city in the world with an astounding 24M inhabitants. Yet the city feels surprisingly spacious, modern and a nice place to live in.

I probably was lucky to get a clear sky, I must say pollution was not a big issue during my short stay there.

The Bund 外灘

Perhaps the most iconic view of Shanghai is the Bund, which is a remain of the colonial past as Shanghai was one of the main ports of trading with Europe, and the Asian financial hub before the communist party took over and closed down the country.

The area effectively looks like Europe, but no precise place in Europe, more a blend of different styles of different european countries.

G86C6139 G86C6137 G86C6151 G86C6153 G86C6154

G86C6483 G86C6453


In front of the Bund is the business district of Pudong, which did not exist at all before 1994 – the old people still call this area “the countryside” which is quite amusing since it hosts some of the tallest buildings in the world – the Shanghai tower, now the highest in Asia with 632m is being completed (also known as “the Bamboo shot”), sits next to the World Financial Center (the “can opener”), 492m, built by a Japanese company originally.

The story goes that Shanghai sits on the back of a dragon, and the head is in Pudong. The Japanese, who also believe in Feng Shui, and hoping to crush China’s economic strength, originally wanted to build the tower in the shape of a Katana (japanese sword) that symbolically killed the Chinese dragon. Next a design was proposed with a round hole at the top, which reminded of the Japanese flag. In order to appease critics the design was changed to a rectangular hole in the end making it look like a can opener!



The night view rivals that of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour!

G86C6446The Oriental Pearl Tower – 458m

Nanjing Road

One of the main shopping, hanging out streets in Shanghai, where my hotel was (I recommend you stay there, Sofitel Hyland! – good breakfast too ;))


Morning Tai Chi

G86C6102 G86C6100

Evening StrollingG86C6099 G86C6085 G86C6082 G86C6081 G86C6079 G86C6626

Global City… could be anywhere in the world…


But a few steps away it’s decidedly China


G86C6129 G86C6125 G86C6123 G86C6122 G86C6121 G86C6120 G86C6117 G86C6115 G86C6113 G86C6112 G86C6109


Yu Garden & China Town

Shanghai is so marked by western architecture that it even has its own Chinatown, that is home to one of the most beautiful gardens i’ve seen through this trip:

G86C6276 G86C6279

One of the best Tea Houses, recommended by President XI Jinping. “Bamboo shot” in the background with its 632m!

G86C6281 G86C6373 G86C6361

Yu Garden

Appreciate the roof decorations… dragons, cranes…



G86C6334 G86C6320

The reception area for people you don’t like – furniture made of tree roots, probably as uncomfortable as it gets 🙂G86C6314

Dragon wall

G86C6300 G86C6296 G86C6294 G86C6292

Moon GateG86C6291 G86C6288


M50 Art District

One of the interesting thing of Shanghai is its arts district: build in old factories it’s a group of galleries of the booming Shanghai art scene:

G86C6511 G86C6513 G86C6518 G86C6521 G86C6527 G86C6541

Café Littéraire…



French Concession

There used to be an area in Shanghai that was owned by French:



G86C6553 G86C6558 G86C6560 G86C6563 G86C6566 G86C6569 G86C6572

China, really?G86C6578 G86C6584 G86C6590 G86C6592 G86C6598 G86C6601 G86C6603 G86C6607 G86C6613 G86C6614

And back to Hong Kong!



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