Hangzhou 杭州

The West Lake

The heart of Hangzhou is its lake: the city is organised around it and it’s the traveler’s high point, which is well deserved: G86C5606 G86C5602 G86C5627 G86C5613 G86C5607 G86C5598 G86C5599 G86C5593 G86C5559 G86C5755   G86C5851       Around the lake is a relaxed lifestyle: Water Calligraphy (Did he want to highlight the impermanence of things and life ?), Tai Chi, Cycling, Boating, or simply hang out and relax in at the Starbucks coffee… G86C5857 G86C5861 G86C5862 G86C5821 G86C5763 G86C5740 G86C5747 G86C5711 G86C5852 G86C5849 G86C5850 G86C5837 G86C5813 G86C5552 G86C5543

The Two Tigers Springs

Hangzhou is also rich with ancient legends, such as this water spring, dating back to more than 1,000 years ago: The story goes that the area was very dry, there was very little water, but one day, this Buddhist priest dreamt of two tigers showing him the place of a spring; he decided to go by himself to the place the tigers had shown in his dream, and there he found the water and the tigers, and everyone lived happily ever after. G86C5668 The water is indeed of very high purityG86C5659 G86C5657 G86C5654 G86C5681 G86C5679 You can now enjoy green tea made with water from the spring in this relaxing tea house: sip your green tea and play cards for hours, this is Hangzhou’s lifestyle.G86C5672 G86C5671 G86C5673 G86C5670

General Yue

Another local celebrity is Yue Feng or General Yue: popular figure, he was a low ranking soldier when he joined the army, and made his way to the top to the rank of General. He defeated the northern Mongolian armies, and protected the area from their invasion thanks to his military skills. However his fame was overshadowing the emperor, who got him arrested and executed under fallacious reasons by local officials. G86C5639 G86C5637G86C5646G86C5650 G86C5635 G86C5634

Dragonwell Tea

Close to Hangzhou is a famous tea production village, preparing one of the best green teas I know: you can see the hills where the tea grows and enjoy tea tasting : G86C5703 G86C5699 G86C5694 G86C5693

Modern, Global City

Hangzhou feels like a German city: cycling is very popular, petrol motorcycles have been banned and only electric bicycles are allowed, clear and wide avenues border the lake, and global brands have opened outlets in the fashionable lakeside district.       G86C5819 G86C5790 G86C5794 G86C5799 G86C5536 “Getting Rich is Glorious” -Deng Xiaoping G86C5827 G86C5829


3 thoughts on “Hangzhou 杭州

    • Thanks for having a look, Hangzhou is indeed a very beautiful place, “most beautiful and magnificent city in the world” according to Marco Polo

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