Shek O



We enjoy going for a walk in Shek O, a small village on Hong Kong Island, in this warm and overcast weather: there is a very homely feeling about it:

The noodle restaurant and its outside open kitchen:

G86C5278Like at home, get your own beverages from the fridge 🙂G86C5279


The village is a maze of small houses probably built without any kind of planning

G86C5285 The small convenience store is an extension of the owner house:



G86C5300 G86C5301


Grocery store/restaurant/house all in one:G86C5302

Collection of small houses:

G86C5288 G86C5289

with their common post delivery point:
G86C5295 G86C5296 G86C5298


And the main attraction: restaurants (we’re in Hong Kong after all)

One of our favourites: the Shek O Chinese Thai restaurant – no big expenses in furniture and decoration… that’s how we like it!

Even the carpark is a home made one: a plot of land, a few barriers and a booth and you have a business:


Finally we also enjoy the landscape here, always a bit wild when there is a bit of wind and rain…



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