Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a particular moment in Hong Kong and in Asia in general, one of the only times in the year where shops close, where businesses slow down.

In China, Chinese New Year is 3.6bn travels of people traveling back home to be with their family.

In Hong Kong these few days are the occasion to distribute blessings, often in the form of Lion Dances, which is generally an excellent show demonstrating the skills of these associations; Lion Dance is actually a form of Kung Fu, and involves many similar skills.

The Lion will go through each and every shop to bring good fortune, and receive a red pocket in exchange hopefully 🙂


Taming the Lion


A0003642 A0003679 A0003646 A0003657 A0003680 A0003648 A0003643


So many admirers !






The real lion



Pictures unfortunately do not transmit the sound of the drums that support the Lion’s performance:








Chinese New Year is also a time of symbols: Red as lucky color, fishes representing abundance, firecrackers to scare away spirits… rich folk culture still very much alive.


Most houses, even most simple ones bear red ornaments on these days:



Many businesses close, only on these few days:A0003701 A0003699 A0003697







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