Pak Tai Temple

Cheung Chau is home to one of the most beautiful temples of Hong Kong, the Temple of Pak Tai (北帝).

At the dawn of the Shang Dynasty – that’s 1600-1060 BC – the Demon King set to the task of ravaging the world, Pak Tai was appointed commander of the Twelve Heavenly Legions to fight the evil, and apparently did quite well since he’s still remembered today.

So here are the pictures – note for the first time this post is optimized to take advantage of Apple retina displays, with double resolution pictures.


The Lions guard the entrance as is common



Delicate carvings in the pillars, notice the details of the tiles right too.

A0003107 A0003109 A0003110

Looks like the Demon King to me 🙂

A0003113 A0003114

Two strong symbols face each other: the Dragon

A0003121 A0003123

And the Tiger (center of the picture)


It is worth spending some time looking at the details and the symbolism in this temple, which is particularly rich and well maintained, next time you go to Cheung Chau island.


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