Ghost Town

Wonderful blue sky in Hong Kong as temperatures lower… nice time for a hike. Today we’re going to the lower left corner of the first picture:


And as often, Hong Kong is full of surprises… This time it’s a “Ghost Town” A0002709

It’s actually hard to say wether this is entirely a ghost town or not, I did not see many human beings, but I did see small gardens, some recently repainted houses.


A0002722  A0002729

Nature is quickly recovering its territoryA0002732 A0002735 A0002738 A0002740



This used to be a basketball yard non so long agoA0002744


Surprise: there are people living here! and nice houses and gardens, like a little paradise



What is the  story of these villages? How did they come to exist, why did they end up as ghost towns? If you know share with us!


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