A Sunday in Po Toi

Po Toi is a small island at the south of Hong Kong territory (map courtesy of Wikipedia):

Leaving Stanley by the 11.30 boat:


You then arrive by boat in a creek where the main village lies:




Remaining villagers live by selling small things to tourists, which regularly come by the boat service to HK Island: seafood, as fishing is still a little active, and bananas and sugar canes which are still cultivated on the island.


A0002481  A0002482A0002483 

Today most people have left the island, where many houses are in ruins, the school has been closed years ago, and they don’t even have electricity supplied from the rest of the territory, they need to rely on a big fuel generator!

Many houses are in ruins


A0002553 A0002556








One activity is still thriving though, thanks to boatloads of tourists during weekends: the restaurant!

Today was very quite though, as the weather was supposed to be ban, most tables were cancelled, which was lucky for us as we enjoyed a quiet lunch, and staff there had enough time to talk with us!A0002490 A0002513A0002516 


The seafood delivery deck – straight from the near shore fish tanks in the background! B0002503





Along this, fishing remains somewhat active, probably far from the heydays though.

A0002523 A0002525 A0002526A0002532 

Power is generated from fuel thanks to a generator on the island:A0002538

Most villagers lead a very simple life: outdoor kitchen, minimal room inside.





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