Guilin Part 1: Time Travel

Guilin – 桂林 (or Gwai lam in Cantonese) is a region in China Guangxi province, a 1h flight from Hong Kong.

Literally it means “the forest of osmanthus”, osmanthus being a tree that is very present in the region, its leaves and flowers being used to flavour tea or wine.

Part of our trip to Guilin felt like travelling in time, while it felt very similar to Hong Kong in many ways, it also sometimes felt like a Hong Kong of long ago, where agriculture was much more prevalent than today.

Daxu village:







One of the villagers offered to visit his house in exchange of 10 RMB – that’s 1 EUR. People live with very little.


A lot of women were busy with processing the chili pepper harvest:



Yangshuo area


We had a feeling Hong Kong New Territories must have looked a little like this, 50 to 100 years ago:A0002360 A0002364 A0002387 A0002389 A0002395

Preparing DinnerA0002396

Ming dinasty style village + solar powered public lights !A0002401


Chicken PeekabooA0002412 A0002427


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