Healthy Food

This is not as ironic as you might think:

After weeks of cold air blowing on my head in the office and decreasing temperatures, i finally gave in to mild seasonal sickness.

And for some reason, I find myself craving for white wine. Not red wine, not beer, not anything else. I’m sure there must be something good in it that helps me heal 🙂

Now the interesting thing is that I also find myself very interested in New Zealand and Australian white wines recently, thanks to my favourite Watson’s: i find there a creativity that I cannot find in French wines. Of course I’m not talking about cheapest wines, which are equally bad on all continents.

But for reasonable price I can find interesting, even creative white wine that I believe French strict laws forbid to reachA0001539Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc – Spicy and refreshing


Of course these laws are here to protect the customer, ensure that there is consistent quality, that trademarks cannot be used in deceptive ways.

But at that point in life I consider myself able to make my own choices, reject ones that are not good, but also be interested in new tastes, and do not need a law to do that for me.

Of course there are many positive aspects to protecting names and original composition in grapes and land. There simply is enough room for both.

And of course there are some things that New Zealand does not seem to do so well yet:
A000154324 month old Comté.


B0001546Saucisson Pur Porc


I wonder how appetizing these are to my Asian friends…. let me know with your comments 😉


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