Sai Kung – where worlds meet

Sai Kung (西貢) is an interesting place: host to a mix of old village people and younger generations, of expats who seek more space than in the crowded, expensive areas of central, as well as fishermen living in their sampans; old and new houses; old and new customs and way of life.

Old houseA0001315

Peaceful NeighbourhoodA0001316

One of the main streets – a melt of traditional boat mechanics shops, expat friendly coffee houses, pizzerias and organic stores, next to sun drying fishes.A0001328 A0001329 A0001332


A0001339 The finished product: Christmas gift anyone?A0001352

One of the main attractions of Sai Kung are the (world) famous sea food restaurants: choose your live fish/shell/crab in the tank, and have it served to your table – that will be for a future post.A0001343

Self-conscious grandmas, impersonating the old/new worlds melting I was mentioning  – note the brand new adidas/nike running set.A0001345

Stocking up for the next festivalA0001370

A0001376 A0001385

Young people, old ways… 20-something crocs-wearing girl was proposing a boat tour on her SampanA0001349

A0001395 A0001397

Sheung Yiu (上窰)

In the Sai Kung country park, we found a former Hakka village called Sheung Yiu transformed into a museum to witness these former ways of life. This is accessible with a 15-min walk from the nearest carpark, itself a good 10-min drive from Sai Kung.

Village entrance



The village pier


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